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Content Creator. Marketing. Social Media Mangement.

Over the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to manage, create, and market for a variety of companies and businesses. Here are some of the work I have created for clients, including, but not limited to TikToks, physical print ads and flyers, billboards, Instagram Feeds, Interviews, and recap videos. As somewhat of a creative perfectionist, I take pride in the quality, detail, and consistency of my work produced. 

Bondhouse Kitchen 2021-2022

Bondhouse Logo Black.png
Bondhouse all black logo.png

During my time as the marketing manager of Bondhouse Kitchen, I was in charge of creating flyers, menus, events, and social media content. With the restaurant opening during the pandemic, I was able to grow the presence and popularity of the restaurant through targeted Meta ads, and promotion on a limited budget. I  curated the overall aesthetic of Bondhouse's social media, which is still used today. 


Guilford Hall Brewery 2022-2023


During my time at Guilford Hall Brewery as the director of marketing, I took on a much larger role than previously at Bondhouse. Here, I was in charge of creating flyers, menus, ads, billboards, weekly email blasts, Meta, Adsense, physical material promotions, and more with the backing of a much larger budget. A major milestone during my time here was a World Cup viewing campaign that I ran over the course of the tournament. During the USA games, the brewery reached record attendance and sales. Through partnerships, I designed and published ads with PressBox, BmoreArt, and Loyola University. 

loyola ad (2).jpg
Halloween Party.jpg
stein club dinner (1).jpg

Library of Congress - Veteran's History Project 2023

LOCVHPPNG high res.png

Through a contract with LM&O Advertising, I was given the opportunity to film interviews and B-roll footage for the Library of Congress' Veteran's History Project. These interviews will be used for public speaking training, broadcast television, and other advertising purposes. The accompanied video is a short sample of two interviews and one of the B-roll clips.

Personal Social Media Presence


Over the years, I have grown my personal Instagram to 12,000 followers and counting through sharing my own photography related content.  


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