I proudly offer high-quality, professional services for an affordable price. For photoshoots, I am more than happy to price match competitive photographer rates who have similar quality work. Fine art prints are available in limited quantities per image. Once an image is sold out, it will no longer be printed. Here are some of the products and services that I offer:



                                5x7   $25 +shipping & handling

                                8x10  $30 +shipping & handling

                              11x14  $50 +shipping & handling

                              24x30  $100 +shipping & handling

  Framed Prints:

                           Contact for Pricing

  Metal Prints:

                                Contact for Pricing


                                 Hourly Rate +$75 Editing Fee 

                                 $125 an hour (15-20 edits) 

                                 Car Meet Coverage: Contact for Pricing

                                 Weddings: Contact for Pricing


                            Minimum of $150  (1 minute or less)  

                            Drone Footage +$25

                            Contact with Details for Full Pricing

  Real Estate:

                                 less than 1,799 sq. ft. $150

                                 1,800 - 2,999 sq. ft. $175

                                 2,300 - 2,799 sq. ft. $200

                                 2,800 - 3,200 sq. ft. $250

                                 (message for larger homes)